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The Christmas Program is the ONB’s longest running and highest impact program serving Genesee County’s at-risk children from newborn through age 18. It provides them with a sweat suit, or an outfit, or a pair of pajamas, two pair of socks and underwear, a knit cap and pair of gloves or mittens, a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, and an age appropriate toy or game. All products are new and none have any indication of coming from the Old Newsboys—so the child need never know the gifts weren’t from Santa. The items go home with mom and dad in a sturdy cardboard box that can be wrapped separately for gift giving. Since 1924, children suffering in chronic poverty or who are devastated by the effects of special circumstances like homelessness or sudden job loss can count on the Old Newsboys. In fact, more than 848,000 children have counted on us so far.

Program administration is simple. There is an six-week open sign up period for the program from early November through mid December. To enroll their child, a parent or legal guardian must bring with them to the ONB office a legal Michigan State ID, birth certificates for each child, and proof of income. Like the federal government, the Old Newsboys recognize children to be in-need when coming from a household earning less than 185% of poverty level. To reduce duplication of services, the ONB are in a service pool with the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, and several other similar service providers. Once the child is qualified and duplication is ruled out, it takes just a day or so for the Old Newsboys to process the order and pack a box based on each child’s size and age.

In 2023 alone, 7,001 children received a Christmas box from the Old Newsboys.

To find out if your child qualifies for this program or to find sign-up details, visit our Enrollment page.

A child missing school or play-time because they lack the necessary outerwear for a frigid Michigan winter is both tragic and very easily remedied. The Old Newsboy’s Coat/Boot and Shoe program issues referrals to schools across the County to provide a new coat, and/or a $35 voucher from Meijer for a new pair of shoes and boots to children in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Our Home

In the early years, the operation was administered in the Masonic or Elks Temple, and housed in donated warehouse space. It was the dream of many Old Newsboys for an organizational headquarters-- somewhere to keep the equipment, stock, and records year after year-- a place to meet and plan the following year. This dream came to fruition in 1952. That little building on Lapeer Road was home for over 50 years. The Old Newsboys served hundreds of thousands of children there. However, around 2005, it was grudgingly conceded that general upkeep wasn’t enough. The building itself just wasn’t what it once was. Space was another concern. Even with the Quonset, lean to, and the small warehouse cobbled on in the '80s --there just wasn’t nearly enough space. Parking created another problem putting employees, volunteers, and clients parked along the industrial side-streets at risk. Security also became an increasing issue. It was time to start looking around.

By 2008 the Old Newsboys found a building, 6255 Taylor Drive, located in south Flint. The office area is more than enough space for the current staff and provides room to grow. The warehouse is spacious and includes two balcony areas. The smaller balcony area provides a separate space for our Emergency Box, to ensure gently used or slightly flawed donated products are not accidentally used for the Christmas Program. The larger balcony provides a centralized hub for our coats. Once the shelves and commercial garment conveyor were installed there was no more rooting through pillars of plastic totes to find the appropriate coat for a child, or refusing donations of new shoes or boots due to the lack of storage space. Finally, the intake and packing areas for the Christmas Program are enormous. The packing line is centered in the area to provide stock areas that may be refilled from the rear without disrupting operations. We now have space for multiple intakes and an indoor waiting room. This is our new home.